Welcome to the Groupworks Learning Page. This valuable resource is available to everyone. It contains information and links that might be of interest to many people. This includes teens, parents, graduate students, and mental health professionals! I sincerely hope you find this information helpful.


Anger is one of our most difficult emotions. Never fear! Help has arrived. Take a look at Dr. Tony's resources for learning about and taming this misunderstood emotion!

Other Emotions-Coming Soon!

Non-Suicidal Self Injury (NSSI)

Also known as self-harm, self-injury, cutting, etc. Since this is a problem that is increasing, I wanted to offer everyone as many resources as possible to help. Here they are:

To Write Love on Her Arms-This website if one of the most life-affirming ever! Go there and be inspired to live life to the fullest.

The Cornell Research Program on Self-Harm & Self-Injury-Quite honestly the largest collection of both scholarly and lay-person information on NSSI anywhere. You could literally read for weeks…or only a few minutes if that’s all you have!

The Trevor Project-While it’s mostly focused on suicide (which is different from NSSI), the Trevor Project offers resources more specifically to the LGBTQ community.

Handout for Parents of Children & Teens who Self-Harm-From Cornell University! If you are a parent of a kid who self-harms, this is MUST READ!

Distraction Techniques for Teens Who Self-Harm-If you’re a teen who self-harms, take a look at this wonderful list of distraction techniques from the researchers at Cornell!

The Silent Epidemic-This short film answers alot of questions about NSSI. It comes from Down Under (Australia) where alot of self-harm research and treatment is conducted!

I am very happy to partner with PESI to offer live trainings around the country on the important topics of Suicide & Self-Harm in youth!  A DVD version of this training is currently available for order.

Group Therapy

Listen to Dr. Sheppard and Dr. Judith Coche discuss the power of Group Therapy with Louisville NPR Host Julie Kredenz.